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Lacrosse Questions & Answers
When does the season begin and when does it end? The season will...
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Lacrosse Questions & Answers

When does the season begin and when does it end?
The season will begin in March 2023 for 10U, 12U, and 14U boys and girls teams.  Practices begin indoor with a transition outdoor as soon as weather permits.  We will start to play games in April with the season ending in mid June. 

How will teams be structured this year?  
HK Youth Lacrosse teams are organized according to the age and eligibility youth rules established by U.S. Lacrosse, the national governing body for lacrosse:

How is the Kindergarten and first grade program structured?        The Instructional Program is designed for boys and girls, ages 5-8.  Boys and girls in 3rd grade who are new to lacrosse may choose to play in the Instructional program, while returning players may choose to play on the 10U team if they meet the age requirement.  Please email us at   with any questions about the best option for your son or daughter.  Each year we have some Pre K players in the Instructional program.  While the atmosphere is very light and focused on fun it may not be appropriate for all pre-K players.  Please email us to discuss your particular child.  The cost of the Instructional program is $80 per player.  This program meets once per week on Saturdays.

Do the boys and girls play together?  Boys and girls lacrosse are very different games; from the equipment, to the field lines and measurements, to the rules.  They do not play together or practice together.  
My child knows nothing about lacrosse...will he/she be able to play? What does my child need to know?
New players are welcome to our program and do not need to know anything about lacrosse.  Being a rapidly growing program we have become accustomed to new players, and we spend time to ensure that all players are learning the basic skills of lacrosse.  New players need to learn basic rules, how to play safe, technical skills and team skills.  We hope to host some winter sessions that will introduce new players and parents to the game and some of the games concepts and technical skills, such as scooping, cradling, passing, catching etc.

Each year we have many new players join our program, even at the 14U level, with great success.  This success is due to the coaches focusing on fundamentals, and due to the individual's determination to catch up to the skill level of their teammates.
How many times per week do you practice and play games? 
10U to 14U teams will likely practice 1 to 2 times per week in March and practice/ play games 2 to 3 times per week from April to June.  This will depend on a number of things including field availability.
How many games will you play during the season? 
We won't know definitively until we go to the scheduling meeting with nearby clubs in early March.  Our goal is to have between 10 and 15 games per team and participate in one or two tournaments as well.
My child is already committed to another sport or plans to play another spring sport, is it OK if he/she plays lacrosse also?
It is our belief that young players need to be exposed to as many different sports and activities as they can in order to see what fits them best.  We are open to young players in this situation particularly when they are trying to chose between two "in season" sports such as spring baseball and spring lacrosse.  At the older age level (14U), individual skills, team strategy and team cohesiveness becomes more important, so players at this level should have a higher level of commitment to their "in season" sport of choice.    
Will there be several teams within our towns that play against each other like Rec. Basketball?
Given that we have have only had one team per graduation year our games have been and will likely continue to be against neighboring towns.
Are full pads really necessary for the Instructional Program since there is no body contact?  What if my child decides he does not like the sport after a couple practices what will I do with all that equipment?
We feel that it is necessary to play with full equipment because, while there is no “body contact”, contact will still occur whether by ball or stick, so it is important for each child’s safety to wear protective equipment.  We play with a hard ball (standard lacrosse ball as opposed to soft practice balls), because we feel that it is easier for the player to learn to play.  Regarding the equipment, HKYLA does not want to be an equipment “owner” due to storage, liability, etc.; however we will work with families to broker equipment deals as best we can.  There is a link on our website where players can swap equipment.  There will always be new players coming into the program that will need equipment.  Used equipment typically sells for half the price of new equipment so it should not be a problem to sell it.  Interested in having your child play but don't want to invest in the equipment??  Let us know, and we will try to help. 
Will there be travel involved?
10U, 12U, 14U teams will travel.  Typically half the games are home at Killingworth Recreation Park (KRP) and half are away. There are many teams that are local to us, but all require a degree of travel.  We do not anticipate the need to travel more than 45 minutes and on average about 20 minutes for away games.  

Lacrosse looks like a physical game...will my child get hit?
The boys and girls games are very different.  Boys’ lacrosse is a contact sport.  Boys’ youth lacrosse has rules that allow body contact at “age appropriate” levels.  As an example, in 10U age group, stick checking is allowed but “intentional” body checking is not allowed.  

Girls’ lacrosse, on the other hand, is a game of speed and finesse and is a non-contact sport, more comparable to basketball than hockey.  

How much will it cost to play?  Do I need my own equipment?  What is the cost of equipment?
Registration fees are $205 per child. for grades 3 to 8.  Discounts apply for families registering more than one child as well as an early bird discount.  Please click on the “Register Online” tab (available through February 15) on the website home page for additional details.  
Is equipment provided?
Equipment is not provided and must be purchased by the player.  Boys’ equipment includes: NOCSAE approved helmet, Shoulder pads, Arm pads, Gloves, Stick, mouth guard, and protective cup.  Optional equipment includes rib guards.  The cost of boys’ lacrosse equipment can range widely and may be purchased new or used.  Used equipment packages may cost anywhere from $100 to $200.  New equipment packages (including stick) cost between $150 and $200.  There are stores in the area that will buy used equipment if your child decides to not continue playing.  We plan to organize an equipment exchange where parents looking to sell outgrown equipment can also look to purchase the next size up from an older player. 
Girls’ lacrosse equipment is considerably less and consists of a stick, goggles and mouth guard. 
Do I need to go out and buy equipment now?  What should I get?
Unless we have indoor winter clinics, equipment will not be needed until March, so it is not yet urgent to get it.  Please see the equipment descriptions under the “Documents” tab and where to buy under the "Equipment" tab on the home page of the website.  Helmets should be white Cascade brand, and pads should be dark blue or black.  We are working with area retailers to get discounts for HK players so stay tuned for where to go.
Do you have equipment to loan to my child?
Some equipment is available for the Instructional program.  For older players, we will have some equipment donated by players who have grown into the next size equipment.  We do not have loaner equipment per se; however a limited amount of financial aid is available depending on your families’ financial situation.  Please send an email direct to the association President, Mike Civiello ( ) with any questions.   Inquiries will be handled in confidence.  
Does Haddam Killingworth High School have a Boys Varisty lacrosse team?
YES!  Haddam Killingworth Boys Varisty lacrosse celebrated it's inaugural year in 2013.    


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